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Chaolung Sukapha: Rich tributes offered to the first Ahom King by Sankalpa Asom in Tezpur

Tezpur, Dec 02 : Members of a local Organisation viz. ‘Sankalpa Asom’ paid homage to the founder of the Ahom kingdom Chaolung Sukapha at Tezpur’s Trimurti Udyan today.

This day is also remarked as ‘Asom Divas’, which is a regional holiday in Assam to
commemorate the arrival of the founder and first King of the Ahom kingdom in the territory of ancient Assam, which is one of the country’s largest states with over 30 million people today.

Chaolung Sukapha, the 13th century ruler was a Tai Prince originally from Mong Mao, the place which is now in Yunnan province in Peoples Republic of China. After spending long 19 years as crown prince, Sukaphaa decided to leave Mong Mao.

The great Ahom Kingdom is famous for defeating the Mughal empire 17 times. The great Ahom Kingdom is well known for maintaining its sovereignty for 600 years and successfully resisting the Mughal expansion in the North Eastern region of India.

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