Sunday, April 14, 2024

Tezpur LS : Training programme held for Election Duty officers

The Training Cell, under the Office of the District Election Officer, Sonitpur, conducted a comprehensive training program today for Zonal and Sector officers involved in the upcoming Parliamentary election for the 11-Sonitpur (HPC). The event took place at the Tezpur College Auditorium, Tezpur, Sonitpur.

The training program was graced by the esteemed presence of District Commissioner Deba Kumar Mishra, CEO(zp) Karabi Saikia Karan, ADC Raj Baruah, SDO(s) Hemashri Khanikar, and CO(Tezpur) Madhurjyo Burhagohain. Their attendance underscored the significance of the training in ensuring the smooth conduct of the electoral process.

District Commissioner Deba Kumar Mishra commended the dedication and commitment of the election officers and emphasized the importance of upholding the integrity and impartiality of the electoral process. He urged all participants to discharge their responsibilities diligently to uphold the democratic principles upon which the election process is built.

As the Lok Sabha Election date draws nearer, the election machinery in Sonitpur District remains steadfast in its commitment to facilitating a smooth, transparent, and inclusive electoral process that upholds the principles of democracy.


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