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Tragic Highway collision claims two lives in Tezpur: Urgent call for Road Safety measures

Tezpur, Feb 28 : In an unfortunate incident two youngsters passed away, leaving one in critical condition in Tezpur on Monday night. Under the shroud of night, two vibrant souls met their untimely demise in a chilling crash. The incident occurred as a group of three were enroute Bihaguri by tempo (AS-12AC-8323) that same night. A speeding truck collided with their tempo at the ‘Mora Depota’ Bridge and fled the scene. Both young men passed away on spot (38-year-old Manas Nath and 33-year-old Shyamal Nath), with one rushed to Tezpur Medical College in critical condition, ultimately requiring the advanced care of GMCH Hospital.

The safety of commuters on our highways is paramount. It’s imperative that regulatory bodies take proactive measures to enforce stringent rules regarding Auto/Tomtom on highways and the speeding of Dumpers/Ultra Buses which highly occurs on the Mangaldai – Tezpur route. By doing so, we not only enhance road safety but also uphold the welfare of all road users. Let’s advocate for these necessary changes and foster a culture of responsibility and accountability on our roads. Together, we can create a safer environment for everyone, ensuring smoother and secure journeys for generations to come.


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