Thursday, February 29, 2024

Tezpur AASU brings out big issue of illegitimate price hiking by few wholesalers, retailers in the City

The Tezpur AASU unit has brought to notice that a few wholesalers, distributors, retailers of Tezpur market are taking advantage of the prevailing situation arising out of Covid – 19 and creating Artificial Crisis citing the Pandemic as a reason. In connection to this, several consumers have complained of price hike in the market and that Tezpur AASU has issued a notice that no consumers should buy any essentials other than MRP.

Issued by National Health Mission, Sonitpur

On Friday, Tezpur AASU activists took to many wholesale and retail shops (mostly essential items shopkeeper or distributor) and put a strong message that they should not hike the price of essential goods and that middle class people will be the sufferers.

They have also requested the business groups and institutes to cooperate with them and stop this artificially created price hike. They have also called for the district administration and the supply department of Sonitpur district to look into the matter and provide the students union with the rate list daily. They said that they would also meet the administrator of the supply department and confront him about the above mentioned irregularities.

Sponsored | Midtown Health Station, Tezpur

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