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Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy using Stryker 1588 performed at Tezpur Medical College & Hospital for the first time

Tezpur, April 23 : In a latest development, a team of doctors of Tezpur Medical College & Hospital performed Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy with Stryker 1588 in ENV Mode for the first time at the facility.

The surgery was to remove Gall Blader stones which lasted 45 minutes under the leadership of Superintendent of Tezpur Medical College & Hospital, Dr. Madhab Ch. Rajbongshi with active assistance of the surgical team.

Issued by National Health Mission, Sonitpur

Speaking to Tezpur Buzz, Dr. Rajbongshi said, “We operated to remove Gall Blader stones which took us 45 mins. It was an excellent experience with this new machine called – Stryker 1588. We performed this is in ENV MODE: This Helps visualisation of biliary tree with laser light technology and the mechanism of camera filters where the image is reflected back from the biliary map filled with ICG dye administered iv 45 minutes prior to incision. It’s helpful in checking anastomotic leak, blood flow, SLN mapping as well.

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