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Chowk Bazar Fire Tragedy : Biggest Disaster of Tezpur

The economic core of Tezpur city has been diminished to ashes. This is a statement that is difficult to think for sure, but after the horrifying fire that ate up the city’s large and heartly Chowk Bazaar, the people of Tezpur will ask only one question : Can there be anything worse?

The incident occured on May 9, 2021 at around 12:20 AM and went totally out of normal control from 12:45 AM. More than 25 Fire Tenders, numerous refills – from F&ES Dept, Airforce, Tezpur and neighbouring towns like Dhekiajuli, Rangapara, Orang engaged in the 6 hours long operation to bring the massive inferno under control.

More than 250 shops gutted as per ground sources

As per the ground presence of Team Tezpur Buzz, more than 250 shops succumbed to the havoc, however the cemented building structure was left unburnt. The shopkeeper owners and workers of Chowk Bazar carried out exercises to bring out and save all goods and valuable belongings from their respective shops to place them in a safe location like roads and footpath.

Deputy Commissioner, Manavendra Pratap Singh reached the spot at around 3 am to take stock of the situation. It is being suspected that the fire erupted due to a short circuit, however it is not ascertained yet.

Deputy Commissioner, Sonitpur taking stock of situation at 3 AM

Many locals have voiced out their profound anger and disappointment at the delayed operation by the Fire & Emergency Services department and their unprofessional approach. Some people who were present at ground zero also said that the fire could have been doused at a very early stage before this tragedy could happen, as it took more than one hour for the firefighters to reach the place.

Chowk Bazaar has always been Tezpur’s and Tezpurian’s hub of economic, cultural and social interaction. Many lives and livelihoods dwelled in this market that over years became Tezpur’s one major reliance for daily economic activities. But now this Heritage of Tezpur – Chowk Bazar is vanished.

Controlled situation at 7 AM

It is a sigh of relief that no human casualties has been reported so far, but the fact that more than 600 families which includes shop owner families & workers families will be directly affected is no less than a catastrophe.

This is the time for all to team up and save ourselves from the tough times. Our heart goes out to Tezpur and all the families who are directly or indirectly affected by this devastation. Stay strong. We shall overcome!

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