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World Mental Health Day 2021 virtually observed by LGBRIMH Tezpur

Lokopriyo Gopinath Bordoloi Regional Institute of Mental Health (LGBRIMH) celebrated the World Mental Health Day 2021, on October 10th. A one hour webinar on the theme Mental Health in an Unequal World was held. The program started with a welcome address and introduction of the speakers by Dr. Sonia P Deuri, Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatric Social Work.

In his address Dr. S.K Deuri, Director, LGBRIMH Tezpur, gave a glimpse of the evolution of the institute from a closed ward system to an open ward system and the efforts to make the services more accessible. The Guest of Honour on this occasion was Dr. Ajit V Bhide, Emeritus Consultant St. Martha’s Hospital Bengaluru and the Past President, Indian Psychiatric Society. He spoke on ‘Inequalities and Youth Mental Health’. In his talk he emphasized on “marshaling the energy, creativity and talents of youth” to address mental health of youth and help build a “fair world” for them.

Prof. Norman Sartorius, President of the Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programs, a non-governmental organization located in Geneva Switzerland and the former Director of the Mental Health Program of the World Health Organization and President of the World Psychiatric Association and of the European Psychiatric Association, was the Chief Guest. He spoke on the theme ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’. He alluded mental health to that of the sky which is always present despite the hovering dark clouds.

He emphasised that mental health professionals, governments and other stakeholders have to come up action plan, work on and put into action to make mental health services accessible and flatten the inequality that prevents people from accessing it. He stressed on the importance of “early interventions, building mutual aid and sense of solidarity among people and having prevention and promotion programmes’. The webinar closed with a Vote of Thanks from Dr. Sobhana H, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatric Social Work. Over 120 participants from across the country attended this programme.

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