Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Tezpur University Designs Low-cost portable high pressure oxygen generator from water

Oxygen enriched air (pure oxygen in atmosphere) has become in growing demand due to burning of fossil fuel converting oxygen into carbon dioxide causing not only global
warming but also respiratory syndrome ailments affecting human health. Tezpur University researchers may have found a solution to this problem. Prof. Partha Pratim Sahu and Mr. Jagat Das, Research Scholar of Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering has made a portable pollution-free setup of high oxygen generation from water to serve the need for oxygen. Besides, the application may help facilitating oxygen to needy patients especially during this Covid-19 pandemic times.

“This initiative is part of ‘Make in India’ movement and we are happy to share that in addition of being low cost, it will provide oxygen without taking oxygen from air for different applications such as medical and industry use up to a good extent.”, Prof. Sahu explained. He also informed the filing of the patent of this work.


“The oxygen generation setup here is specially designed to produce high pure oxygen very
quickly with high pressure from water splitting using electrolysis to cater the need without any
break”, Mr. Jagat Das who has designed the application under the supervision of Prof Sahu
explained further.

“We are awaiting clinical trials so that further improvement can be done to the system to support serious oxygen shortage patients due to Covid-19 situations”, Prof. Sahu further added.

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