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Tezpur University observes International Women’s Day at Harigaon, Tezpur

Tezpur, March 08 : A programme to mark International Women’s Day was observed at Harigaon, Tezpur today in collaboration with Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, a flagship programme of the Ministry of Education. Harigaon is one of the adopted villages of Tezpur University under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, a programme which promotes collaboration with villages bodies and NGOs to conduct various developmental activities in such villages. Mandal, an NGO, based in Harigaon, has recently acquired a skill development project to start a sewing maching training centre to empower the women of the village with tailoring skills to augment job prospects and promote entrepreneurial endeavours.

Around 30 women who are currently undergoing training at the centre were present in today’s meeting. Professor Deben Chandra Baruah, Coordinator Unnat Bharat Abhiyan of Tezpur University greeted the participants on the occasion of International Women’s Day and emphasised on the importance of women in our society and said that Tezpur University is commited to take necessary steps to address various issues faced by women and promote empowerment of women in our society. He requested Dr. Manoj Deori, the village coordinator from Tezpur University to arrange a training programmes on digital literacy for the women participants, specially on proper use of smartphones to empower the women of the village. He asked the women to learn how to make optimum use of a smartphone and teach the same to their children and supervise the use of smartphones by children at all times. Professor Baruah added that the university will plan a series of programmes in collaboration with the village bodies and NGOs which will be conducted through out the year.

UBA coordinator for Harigaon, Dr Deori said he will be arranging similar workshops in the future with experts from the University to address various issues raised by the women present in today’s meeting. Bishnu Munda, coordinator of Mandal was also present in today’s meeting.

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