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Tezpur : 2nd Borluit Kite Festival to be held at Darrang College campus; Team Tezpur all geared up

Nestled in the beauty of true Assam, arguably one of the cleanest tier 3 cities of India, Tezpur has constantly been at the vanguard of preservation and development of Assamese Culture. The trio icons Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha, Rupknowar Jyoti Prasad Agarwal and Natya Surya Phani Sarma and even Sangit Surya Bhupen Hazarika began their journey from this city. Hence, the nick name, the cultural capital of Assam.

From Krishna mythology to Hazara Barman to Baan Raja, Harihar; Tezpur is full of historical monuments, symbols of bygone era reminds the historical significance of this town. Like most places in Assam tourism industry in still nascent in Tezpur though it attracts large numbers of tourists every year but due to poor infra this is a large scope to development as one major tourist destination.

The River Brahmaputra is the heartbeat of this town with gentle breeze and the rhyme of the waves.

Our visions:

  • Development of Rudrapath as tourist spot.
  • Memorial of Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha.
    Organic agricultural tourism.
  • Promote tourism as a major employer, direct and indirect for both educated and uneducated youths.
  • Reclaim and utilize huge swaths of govt. and char chapori land, thus providing and attracting new generation to new and innovative agricultural techniques and produce.
  • With the help of administration and various NGO, declare an all out war against drugs and other narcotics.
  • Promote various schemes to make the town more pollution free.
  • Will put forth a proposal to set up a Cultural University in the name of the famous Tezpurian Three Icons, which will create and train new breed of artists.
  • Promote and work together very aggressively to fulfill PM Modi’s dream of “Swacha Bharat”.
  • Reclaim and capture various trade and businesses and most importantly MARKET for “Son-of- the-soil”.
  • Tezpur, as known as a clean city has nothing to do with various governmental schemes, the natural drainage system, by now under threat of encroachment, has damaged the earlier water out flow, we shall strive to strictly evict illegal encroachment and good drainage system and try to go back to the good old age.
  • Will very soon implement a proposal to establish a full-fledged “Sangit Natak Institute” (national level) in Natun Ban Theatre premise.

On being aware about the necessity of preserving and protecting the traditional sports, which due to the efflux of time has either become extinct or is on the verge of being extinct, it has also come to be known that many sports bodies in the world has taken the initiative for rejuvenating and preserving the said traditional sports, which has actually merged into the cultural traditions of the people, sports enthusiasts of Tezpur in particular and the district of Sonitpur in general have also discussed about this and accordingly has taken this initiative.

Team Tezpur under the banner of Lakhyasthan Tezpur in association with District Administration, Sonitpur, Assam Tourism Tezpur & Darrang College is going to celebrate 2nd Borluit Kite Festival a carnival of Indigenous Sports, Art, Culture & Rural Tourism at Darrang College Play Ground, Tezpur on 13th day of March 2022.

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