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Tezpur University faculty gets Visitor’s Award for Technology Development

In recognition to significant contribution in innovation and technology development, Prof. Pritam Deb, Department of Physics and Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) Chair Professor, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell, Tezpur University has been adjudged for the prestigious Visitor’s Award for Technology Development for the year 2020.

Prof. Deb bagged the award for developing two-dimensional heterostructure based biodegradable film for food packaging. 

“Presently, the consumer demands food with assured safety, quality and extended shelf life perception. This invention on new form of food packaging is to replace the unsustainable plastic, upon which modern life seems to depend, has shown functional efficacy in terms of biodegradability and mechanical, barrier, antimicrobial properties including shelf life”, explained Prof. Deb

The Visitor’s Award is India’s one of the most prestigious awards conferred annually to promote healthy competition amongst central universities and motivate them to adopt best practices from around the world in pursuit of excellence. The President of India, by virtue of various Acts of Central Universities is the head of Central Universities and is known as the “VISITOR”. At present, there are three categories in the Visitor’s Awards- Visitor’s Award for Innovation,Visitor’s Award for Research and Visitor’s Award for Technology Development. Prof. Deb received the award for Technology Development.

Prof. Deb’s patented inventions on enhanced oil recovery, intelligent MRI contrast agent, and efficient production of bio-oil through use of nanocatalyst stand testimony to his expertise in producing extremely original application-oriented innovations.

It is worth mentioning that for his significant research contribution, Prof. Deb has also been conferred with several prestigious awards and held many distinguished Honorary/ Visiting positions in reputed international institutes. His overall research contribution exemplify innovativeness and originality in applications of fundamental principles of science to solve present critical issues in society and the country, overcoming the limitations of contemporary approaches. Professor Deb has provided effective and inspiring leadership in science and technology for almost two decades.

“Including Prof. Deb, Tezpur University has now received total three Visitor’s Award and that shows the quality of research works of our faculty members”, Dr. Biren Das, Registrar of the University said while congratulating Prof. Deb on the accomplishment.      

An ecstatic Tezpur University community expresses joy over the inspiring achievement of Prof. Deb.

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