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Doctors at Tezpur Medical College accomplish a critical delivery; mother in Covid ICU

Shibani Paul, 36y/F/G2P1 from Rangapara presented with SpO2 of 84% was admitted to Covid ward of Tezpur Medical College & Hospital on 15th May and then shifted to Covid ICU the next day. She had to be put on non invasive ventilation (NIV) on 19th May. She delivered a female baby of 2.6 kg on 20th May through LSCS under Spinal Anaesthesia Block while she was still under NIV.

After successful delivery, the baby was shifted to Covid NICU and is doing well now and the vitals are stable. The mother was shifted back to Covid ICU and is still under NIV support .

The patient is conscious, oriented although still critical and under constant observation . This challenging endeavour was accomplished by a team of dedicated O&G specialists led by Dr. Madhab Mali, Dr. Mridusmita Mazumdar and Dr. Nilabh Acharya; 5/5 Anaesthesiologists led by Dr. Ratindra Barman, Dr. Nipendra Das and Dr. Parbin; and Pediatricians led by Dr. Kutubur Rahman, Dr. Junali Bhattacharya and Dr. Monjita Borthakur.


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