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Students claim ‘Out of syllabus’, irrelevant questions in HS Psychology paper, Govt. refutes

Stressed Higher Secondary final year students expressed firm concern as they claimed that almost 23 marks out of 70 marks were ‘out of syllabus’ from the Psychology Question Paper, which included questions from the old syllabus earlier omitted by the concerned Council.

Watch what Aparupa Kar, who has been teaching psychology mentioned over the issue :

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As per reports, the notification regarding omission of certain parts of the syllabus was issued by AHSEC in the beginning of the academic session itself. Do check the old and new syllabus below:

Note: The questions in the question paper which were from the omitted syllabus are as following:

Q.1. a-4 , b-3

Q.2. ⁠A , D

Q. 8 , 9 , 10 , 12 (second part of Q12)

Moreover, the topic as mentioned in Q. 11, i.e. ‘The sub types of Schizophrenia’, is not in the book itself and also there is nothing mentioned about DSM-IV in the book.

Whereas the Education Minister Ranoj Pegu in his X (earlier Twitter) handle refuted the claim and wrote – “Regarding the news about out-of-syllabus questions in the Psychology paper for the H.S. Final Exam, AHSEC clarified to me that the questions are within the syllabus, covering basic concepts of Psychology that every student should know”

Students seemed utterly dissatisfied with the reply and and are still questioning the procedure of setting the psychology question paper, which resulted in utmost stress for them. Students’ are hopeful and still awaiting a proper reply regarding the same from the concerned authority.


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