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Attempted Rape Foiled in Jamugurihat, Perpetrator Apprehended by Locals

A harrowing incident unfolded in Jamugurihat when a 21-year-old woman became the target of an attempted rape. The quick thinking and courage of local residents prevented a tragedy, leading to the apprehension of the accused. The incident occurred in the Itakhula Hatinga garden, located near Jamugurihat, where the accused, Ahidur Rahman (49), a street hawker, tried to take advantage of the girl.

Ahidur Rahman being Detained by Police

The victim, who is physically challenged, found herself alone and vulnerable. Rahman attempted to take advantage of her, but the vigilant locals caught him red-handed. The locals promptly intervened in time, ensuring the safety of the victim and detaining Rahman until authorities arrived.

The police swiftly took him into custody and have already transferred him to the district jail for further legal proceedings. Ahidur Rahman hails from Bakula, Jamugurihat. His actions have shocked the community, and authorities are determined to ensure justice for the victim.


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