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Sonitpur Forest Officer honours Former Hon. Wildlife Warden for exceptional service

Tezpur, May 12 : Shri Sourav Borkataki, the Former Honorary Wildlife Warden of Sonitpur District has been honoured by Sonitpur Forest Officer (West Division) Sri Ranjit Konwar, for his incredible participation in the conservation of nature and safeguarding the wildlife in Sonitpur District as well as nearby districts at large.

Mr. Borkataki’s endeavour in rescue operations of stray wild animals with the forest staff during the flood time is highly appreciated in the department.

Here are some of his dynamic approaches in keeping the wild at peace –

During the migration of wild elephant herd to the Arimora chapori from the Nameri National Park & Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary, he cooperated with the Forest department in driving back the wild elephant herd to its abode which resulted in lessening of the acute man-elephant conflict in the district.

In the field of capturing poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, his approach helped the forest department a lot.

He also actively participated in the awareness campaign in regards to safeguarding the wildlife especially towards the unwarranted killing of various snakes and stray wildlife in Sonitpur.

His commitment and contribution to the important aspect of safeguarding nature and natural resources will be forever honoured by the District Forest Department.

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