Monday, February 26, 2024

Junior Doctors Association (TMCH) demands strict action against the monsters who attacked Dr. Seuj

Junior Doctors Association Tezpur Medical College & Hospital is deeply saddened to bring, out this press release today. A horrific incident has been brought to light that Dr. Seuj Kumar Senapati (MBBS) Medical officer at KAKI MPHC, District: Hojai, Assam was brutally assaulted by relatives of a deceased patient during his shift at 24×7 COVID-19 Hospital, Udali model hospital, Hojai.

It was reported that a patient was admitted to the above-mentioned hospital from where he was being referred to higher centre for intensive care. Unfortunately. the patient succumbed before the referral. A group of people had already gathered by the time the doctors could intervene.

Following this, the relatives of the deceased patient ruthlessly assaulted Dr Seuj Kumar and the staff present at that time. They tried taking refuge in the hospital washroom, from where they were dragged out and brutally beaten. The culprits even snatched Dr Seuj’s gold chain and his cellphone. Dr Seuj and the staff sustained severe injuries and are currently receiving treatment at Nagaon civil hospital.

Doctors are not miracle workers. While we treat and cure thousands every day. we do lose some patients despite our best efforts owing to the severity of thc disease.

Losing a family member is agonizing, but nothing gives anybody the right to hurt another human being, mentally and physically.
Covid warriors including healthcare workers are working tirelessly round the clock for the betterment of the common man, exposing themselves to the virus day after day. Thousands of them have laid down their lives in the line of duty. Despite the sacrifices,we are subjected to such insensitive and inhuman behavior by the public, especially in these grueling times.

The Medical fraternity is putting its best efforts to curb this pandemic. However, it will be difficult for us to work when we are fearing for our own lives. We demand prompt identification and strict action against the perpetrators. We plea justice for Dr. Seuj Kumar and the staff who suffered this ordeal.

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