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Journalist allegedly beaten up in Sonitpur; family pressurized to withdraw FIR

The police force of the state, after repeatedly being appealed by the Chief Minister of the State to be friends of the people and be engaged every moment for the safety and welfare of the people, a recent incident of violence taken place at the direct behest of an assistant sub-inspector of a police station in Sonitpur district has put a question mark on the same.

Manoj Kalita, son of noted potter and sculptor Tonkeshwar Kalita of Bihaguri, Tezpur, is a prominent journalist involved in photography and video recording works of all events of Tezpur as well as various events of the district administration. On the night of May 12, the incident of this young journalist, Manoj, being beaten up by the Charidwar police, without any just cause has evoked widespread reactions.

Manoj, in his FIR lodged at Charidwar police station in connection with the incident, mentions that he was recording videos of the event on the night of May 12 at the main cultural event of the Bangaon Regional Rongali Bihu Sammelan of Charidwar on the invitation of the Samiti and as per the responsibilities given. He suddenly had an urge to puke and vomited after feeling extremely ill while recording. However, an unknown person informed the Assistant sub-inspector of Charidwar police station, Nipon Saikia that sprinkle of Manoj’s vomit has fallen on a relative of Nipon Saikia, who was enjoying the cultural program. The Assistant sub-inspector without trying to know the facts, beat Manoj severely and threw him out of the program. Even at that time, Manoj said that there was nothing wrong with him and because he had suddenly fallen ill, but in spite of all such, the police also threw away his journalist identity card.

After the Charidwar police station accepted the FIR, Manoj and his wife, news-cultural activist and an anchor, Dharitri Barkotoki, are now being pressurized to withdraw the FIR for their safety, which has evoked widespread reactions. In this regard, Manoj and his wife expressed their anger in front of journalists today and demanded justice for it.


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