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Inspector of Schools, Sonitpur; issues Notification to Private Institutions for not complying with Govt. Circulars

The Inspector of Schools on Thursday (29.07.2021) issued a notification to Private Management Schools in Sonitpur district for violating the relevant provisions under the “Assam Non-Government Educational Institutions (Regulation and Management) Act, 2006 and Rules 2007” as well as Govt. Circulars issued by the department from time to time.

It may be mentioned here that the Government of Assam under the “Assam Non-Government Educational Institutions (Regulation and Management) Act, 2006 and Rules 2007” requires Private Schools and Senior Secondary Institutions to obtain prior permission from the Government of Assam, after fulfilling the required criteria under the Act. While many schools have fulfilled the criteria or are in the middle of the process; it was pointed out to the IS through public complaints that some Schools, mainly Senior Secondary Schools (Junior Colleges) in Tezpur have not completed the formalities yet.

It may also be mentioned here that the Govt. of Assam, last year in October fixed the Fee structure of the Private schools, whereby a Senior Secondary School can charge maximum Rs. 37,000.00 for Science stream, Rs. 33,000.00 for Commerce stream and Rs. 32,000.00 for Arts stream respectively, which has also been clearly violated by few institutions; Tezpur Buzz found out after inquiring about their current fee structure.

Furthermore, it has also come to the notice of Tezpur Buzz that the Government of Assam in a notice last month directed all private Senior Secondary Schools(Junior Colleges) of Assam, not to accept Admissions into Higher Secondary Programme before the declaration of the HSLC result. This was also violated by many private institutions in Tezpur in particular and Sonitpur and Assam in general.

In view of all these and other violations, the IS Sonitpur has directed all Heads of Institutions of Secondary/Sr. Secondary (Govt./Provin) under Sonitpur district not to allow any students for registration in SEBA/AHSEC of such schools, through their institutions, until further order and till the matter is not sorted. The IS also requested the managers of the Non-Govt. Educational Institutions under Sonitpur district not to run his/her institution in contravention any provision of the Act, 2006 and the rules framed there under hence forth. It was added that if any such institution is found violated the Act, they will be informed to the Director of Secondary Education, Assam for publishing necessary closure notice to concerned institutions.

Team Tezpur Buzz urges the managers of all those Non-Govt. Educational Institutions, to compete the due process in time and ensure compliance to all notices issued by the Govt. of Assam.

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