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Cash and Jewelleries worth lakhs stolen from a house in Tezpur

Tezpur, August 10 : Cash worth over Rs 50,000 and jewelleries over Rs 4.5 lakhs were stolen by thief/thieves from the residence of Jyotirmoy Chakraborty who is resident of Tezpur’s Baruah Chuburi, Mazgaon area was then at Guwahati with his family.

The neighbours on detecting suspicious activities inside the empty house informed the police and also tried to surround the house but were incapable to identify the miscreant/miscreants.


They also informed Mr. Jyotirmoy, who is a former DIPRO about the incident and upon his arrival in his residence with family on Monday at around 7.30 pm, confirmed team Tezpur Buzz about the aggregate of cash and jewelleries stolen from his residence.

It came into notice that the pincher didn’t steal DSLR camera and other valuables which were being searched by him and was interested to loot only the money and jewellery. He/they broke into the house from the backdoor while breaking the locks and is assumed that they applied the same route to flee from there.


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