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Unfortunate Bike E-Rikshaw collision in Tezpur near city’s Dhanua Nagar area

Tezpur, 19 June ’21 | An unfortunate collision between a bike and E-rickshaw has broken an aged lady’s leg causing her to suffer. The accident took place on Saturday, 19th June at around 11:00 AM.

The lady and her son were returning from TIMeS hospital after the 2nd dose of Covaxin. The boy on bike was coming from Dhanuanagar tiniali and the mishap took place just in front of ASTC Workshop in city’s Dhanua Nagar area.

According to the boy on bike, an oncoming scooty that rashly overtook the E-rickshaw made the bike take a swerve towards the Erickshaw. This resulted in breaking a leg of the lady. The lady was rushed to TIMeS in another E-rickshaw while the boy suffering multiple cuts and bruises was rushed to KCH by his uncle.

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