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Transformer Short Circuit Causes Panic in Jamugurihat

In a startling incident, a transformer at the Tupia Tea Garden in Jamugurihat malfunctioned, triggering a massive sound wave that left locals in a state of terror. The aftermath of the electrical mishap resulted in the destruction of several household appliances. At evening time, the transformer experienced a short circuit, leading to a sudden explosion-like noise. The shockwave reverberated through the area, causing panic and chaos. The electrical malfunction wreaked havoc on various appliances within the vicinity like Refrigerators, Water Pumps and Inverters.

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Ex-principal Musraf Naseer, a respected figure in the community, suffered significant losses. His own residence, along with his three brothers’ homes, bore the brunt of the electrical catastrophe. All their electrical appliances were destroyed, leaving them in distress. Multiple families in the area faced hardships due to the short circuit. The incident occurred during the Iftar time of Ramadan, exacerbating the fear and anxiety among residents. Thick black smoke billowed from the affected area, adding to the chaos.

Burnt Water Pump

Despite the widespread damage, miraculously, no lives were lost during the incident.


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