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Tezpur University science fest to focus on modern scientific start-up event

Tezpur University is gearing up to organize inSCIgnis-the annual science fest. The University celebrates inSCIgnis on the occasion of National Science Day (celebrated every year on February 28, 2023) commemorating the contribution of the first Nobel Laureate in Physics for India, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman.

The tenth edition of inSCIgnis will be held from 26-28th February, 2023. This year the theme of the event is “Vigyanasya Drishte Bhavishyatam” which means “Future through the vision of science.”

Dr. Tapan Kumar Saikia, noted oncologist has been invited as the Chief Guest, while noted wildlife biologist, Dr. Purnima Devi Barman shall be present as the guest of honour. Kabyanil Talukdar, a speedcuber and Pradyumna Kumar Gogoi, Indian author to be present as youth icons.

In inSCIgnis’23, several new and thrilling events has been introduced viz. Blitz: The Start-Up Event hunting for modern scientific start-up and business ideas from aspiring entrepreneurs. Lights, Camera, Action is another exciting fun event related to filmmaking.

There shall be Design and Experiment event to provide an opportunity to shape and design imaginations into models. Other new events are the Sci-Bazinga- a fun and twisted bingo game and the Astro Board Game which would test the astronomical knowledge of the participants in a Ludo sheet. There will also be outreach programs focusing on the underprivileged rural communities, where there is a lack of access to essential educational resources. The outreach program would focus on disseminating scientific information and nurture the growth of a scientific mindset among students.

Derived from a Latin word ‘INSIGNIS’ connoting the rapid growth of a plant, inSCIgnis signifies to promote science and innovations beyond textbooks. Embarked in the year 2014, this fest is recognized as the biggest science fest in North-East India. To overstep the limits, the fest has initiated to introduce student-friendly offline and online events, departmental workshops and outreach programs.


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