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Tezpur: TMCH surgeons reconstruct patient’s 5th Metacarpal bone with 3d Printed Scaffold

Tezpur | By Shambhu Boro

In a groundbreaking medical achievement, Tezpur Medical College in Sonitpur district successfully reconstructed a patient’s 5th metacarpal bone using a 3D printed biomedical scaffold. This remarkable procedure, conducted under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Karuna Hazarika, marks a significant milestone in Orthopaedic surgery. The patient had been suffering from Enchondroma of the 5th Metacarpal bone of the left hand.

The introduction of 3D printing technology in medicine allowed the surgical team to create a personalized biomedical scaffold that perfectly matched the patient’s anatomy, restoring both the structural integrity and functionality of the hand.

Prof. Dr. Chinmoy Das, the lead surgeon, expressed great satisfaction with the outcome, stating that this procedure signifies a significant advancement in Orthopaedics. This innovative use of 3D printed biomedical scaffolds offers new hope to patients with complex hand injuries and tumorous conditions.

The patient is now on the path to recovery and is expected to regain full hand functionality in the coming months. This remarkable achievement highlights the potential of innovative technologies to revolutionize the field of medicine.


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