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Tezpur MLA, Prithiraj Rabha takes oath as Ex-Officio member of Tezpur Municipal Board

Tezpur, June 26 : MLA of Tezpur Legislative Assembly Constituency, Prithiraj Rabha took oath as an ex-officio member of Tezpur Municipal Board on Friday under provisions of the Assam Municipal Act, 1956.

He was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Bhupesh Chandra Das. Executive Officer Tezpur Municipal Board and ADC Romy Baruah, former vice-chairman of TMB, former members and officials and staff of TMB were present on the occasion.

The term “ex-officio” is a common Latin phrase which when literally translated means “from the office.” It should not be used to describe a type of membership in an organization but rather an obligation or privilege a person has, by virtue of their position, to serve on a board or Committee.


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