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Tezpur Boy Tushar Tayal shines in Bangalore as Top 10 Outstanding Young Person of India

In a historic moment, Tushar Tayal, an innovative entrepreneur from Tezpur, Assam, has been honored with the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of India Award 2023. This accolade, received in the Entrepreneurial, Business, and Economic Accomplishments category, marks Tushar as the first from North East India to achieve this distinction.

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Acknowledged at the JCI NATCON in Bangalore, Tushar’s visionary leadership, beginning at age 17, with the establishment of a travel company, has transcended conventional boundaries. His visionary goal of providing affordable, last-minute tickets for medical tourists has set a new standard in socially impactful entrepreneurship. Beyond business, Tushar has represented India at international forums, founded four successful ventures by the age of 22, and actively promoted global tourism for the nation.

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As Tushar Tayal now stands nominated for the TOYP international, his journey continues to exemplify excellence and positive change on a global scale. The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of India Award is not merely an accolade; it is a recognition that places Tushar among a distinguished league of global leaders. Since its inception in 1983, JCI has honored over 300 individuals from 57 nations with this prestigious award. Past recipients include iconic personalities such as John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Elvis Presley, Jackie Chan and many more.

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