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Sonitpur DC helds Covid-19 management meeting in the District; several key decisions taken

Deputy Commissioner Bhupesh Chandra Das on Tuesday held a meeting to discuss COVID-19 management in the district at the Conference Hall of the DC’s office. Initiating the discussion, the chairman requested all officials to follow all COVID-19 related SOPs. The chairman then requested Addl. Deputy Commissioner & CEO, DDMA, Romy Baruah to discuss in detail the important points of the SOPs issued by ASDMA/Health Deptt./Education Deptt. for COVID-19 management in the district.

The following points were discussed in the meeting :

📌 The CEO,DDMA informed all that as per the order vide no. ASDMA. 28/2021/247 Dated. 1st October ,2021 any area where case load is 10 or more in the last 7 days will be notified as containment zone. Circle Officers and Jt. Director, Health Services were asked to keep track and inform the Deputy Commissioner immediately for notifying containment zones.

📌The DTO, Sonitpur was directed to take strict action as per the SOP, so that no public carriers allow standing passengers and ensure that at least single dose vaccinated persons with face masks are allowed in private and public vehicles. Police and Enforcement officials were directed to take necessary steps in this regard.

📌 The President, North Assam Chamber of Commerce, Tezpur was requested to conduct a sensitization meeting with all Wholesalers/Retailers/Shop Owners etc. on SOP of COVID-19 management. He is also requested to carry forward an awareness drive on COVID-19 management and ensure all staff and shopkeepers are vaccinated and follow all Covid 19 appropriate behaviour.

📌The Superintendant of Excise, Sonitpur was instructed to be strict on illegal production and sale of country liquor. Police along with Excise officials were directed to continue the drive against country liquor.

📌The CEO, DDMA intimated all that though Cinema Halls / Theatres are now allowed to open with 50% seating capacity with fully vaccinated viewers, the owners should confirm that COVID appropriate behavior are followed. In case of Mobile theatres the organizers should abide by the order no. ASDMA.28/2021/270 Dated. 8th October, 2021.


📌The CEO, DDMA informed all that schools are now going to be opened, hence all guidelines issued by Education department i.e. ASE.01/2020/Pt-11/185 Dated.28th September, 2021, ASE.01/2020/Pt III/127 Dated.4th September,2021, ASE.01/2020/Pt-III/151 Dated. 3rd September, 2021 etc. needs to be followed at district level.

📌 The Chairman instructed the Inspector of Schools and DEEO, Sonitpur to comply with all the SOPs. He also directed them to take steps to immediately conduct SMDC meetings regarding compliance of the SOPs. The meetings are to be conducted within 10 days and minutes of the meetings are to be submitted to IS/DEEO/BEEO, Sonitpur. The chairman also requested to conduct orientations/ meetings between teachers and students regarding COVID appropriate behavior and vaccination.

📌 The chairman emphasized on the fact that the education department mechanism needs to be fully functional. He pointed out that cleanliness, sanitization, SMDC meeting, student orientation are the most important steps that need to be taken. The chairman also instructed all SMDC to procure thermal scanners and 3 layer Masks from their available fund.


📌 The Chairman then directed all Circle Officers of the district to constitute their Circle Level COVID-19 monitoring team including officials from PHE/Health/Education/Police deptt. etc. He instructed them to meet once a week and ensure compliance of COVID-19 SOPs. The Circle Officers are also directed to review the conduct of SMDC meetings under their jurisdiction.
📌 The Circle Officers and Deputy Director, FCS & CA were directed to plan for circle-wise meetings with all GP Secretary, Fair price shop owners, Gaon Burhas, Health officials, Adhar agencies etc. by 27th October, 2021.

📌 The Chairman directed DIPRO, Sonitpur and DME, NHM, Sonitpur to conduct mass Awareness Drive on COVID-19 SOPS and Vaccination in the district.

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