Sunday, December 3, 2023

School Van falls in pit while saving a cow in Sootea; all students safe

Tezpur, June 8 : In an unfortunate incident, a school van fell into a pit adjacent to National Highway 15 at Sootea, Biswanath District while saving a cow.

Reportedly the school van belonged to Gyan Bharati Public School, Sootea and was carrying 4 students. Speaking to Tezpur Buzz, one student said that a cow came in the middle of the road. The van turned left way upside down and fell into the pit when the driver tried to save the cow.

Fortunately, all the students managed to save their life and have been taken to nearby hospital for treatment.

Reports Chandan Sarma, Correspondent of Tezpur Buzz from Jamugurihat Circle.

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