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10 Reasons why you should not miss Tezpur Literature Fest 2022

Feel the warmth of words as the Historic city of Eternal Love gears up for its first-ever literature festival – The Tezpur LitFest from 9th to 11th of December 2022 at the beautiful campus of NERIWALM, Tezpur.

Let’s blur those boundaries between you and me, us and them to create a dialogue that binds us together and brings us closer as we celebrate the power of words and ideas of a human race filled with passion.

Here are 10 reasons curated by Tezpur Buzz, why you should not miss Tezpur LitFest 2022

1- First ever literati extravaganza in Tezpur

The beautiful historic town Tezpur, with a varied cultural and literary heritage shall this year witness its first ever literature festival- providing an excellent opportunity for creativity, imagination and exchange of ideas. The 3-day of the program is marked by panel discussions, conversation with noted authors, exciting competitions, quizzes and a lot more.

2- Listen to your favourite authors

How many times have you thought about confronting that one author who just changed your life with just his words? Now imagine if you get a chance to breathe the same air as he will breathe in the fest. Wouldn’t that be an honour? We know the answers and it is very much possible that one of those authors might be present at the venue. This fest is a chance to meet your dream authors and know more about their life and works. And it is not authors alone who has confirmed their dates, there are luminaries from other fields as well who are making a beeline for the Tezpur Lit Fest 2022, an event that is making a debut this time.

3- Healthy and close interaction with writers from all over

With the aim of promoting art, culture & literature, the Tezpur Lit Fest will not only witnesses active participation from renowned award winning authors, journalists but also young, aspiring writers from the state, the participation of the political class, government officials and diplomats with interest in books and literature. The Fest shall feature plenty of home grown talent along with big-name writers, journalists, poets and novelists.

4- Celebrity cine star Rajat Kapoor in the house

Not everyday do you see or listen the bollywood Actor, Filmmaker Rajat Kapoor baring his heart over how he turned an actor, which is exactly what he will do on December 9, the first day of the fest. The presence of the celebrated journalist, Syed Zarir Hussain will perhaps add to the glamour of the event.

5- Drown in the world of books

All you bibliophiles out there, clear out some space on your bookshelves as the Tezpur LitFest is lurking around the corner, just waiting for you. The best book stores will be here at the fest to help you look for books that you were actually seeking for.

6- Open mic with RJ RAAG

Get a chance to meet RJ Raag from Radio Gup-shup 94.3 FM who hosts ‘Good Morning Guwahati’. He will be here at the Tezpur LitFest to host an open mic session.

7- Exchange ideas and thoughts with participants from all over the country

The Tezpur Lit Fest shall witness a gallery of book lovers from around the country. Storytelling will come alive as performers from various corners of the country will present stories as never before! Grab the chance to meet them and learn about their culture, interest and literature.

8- Hone your writing skills in the workshop

All of us are aware of the importance and benefits of expressing our emotions creatively. Sahitya Academi Award Winner, Janice Pariat will be throwing some light on the same and will focus on how to express through writing.

9- Quiz, tell a story and much more

This Fest will be no less than a festival for Tezpur. However deep or update your curiosity may be, the place will always surprise you with some new element. With quiz contests, story telling, open mic, book signing etc, it is going to be a blast for sure!

10- Witness the power of words

The Tezpur Lit Fest will play a pivotal role in reiterating the might of the pen and the printed world. The wide-ranging programme of events and activities will bring authors, illustrators, storytellers and audiences together to inspire each other and to be inspired, to share stories and experiences, and make books come alive for everyone.


Entry is Free to all the public events as regular guest.

For Registrations and other details regarding Entry in the Premium Category (For All Events), contact below.

📞 8486266849, 9435084910

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