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Tezpur resident survives cobra bite, but could have died if treatment were wrong

Tezpur 06 August ’21: Snake scare is a common scenario in Tezpur and its people are often prone to snake bites. However, lack of awareness regarding the do’s and dont’s during such a situation can be highly dangerous.

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Recenty a five years old boy named Golu Das, a resident of Tezpur’s Rudrapad area got bitten on his leg by a cobra on 02 August ’21. Neighbours decided to treat him using homely methods applying unscientific practises (Superstitious Ojha treatment) and tied a plastic rope tightly around his leg. Later when Mr. Saurav Borkataki, former Wildlife Warden, Sonitpur was informed, he urged them to take the boy to hospital. On his admission to Tezpur Medical College and Hospital, his legs started swelling. According to the doctor it was because of the plastic rope tied around his leg. He also said that a little delay would have caused paralysis to his leg. He was 10 doses of anti-venom vaccines to heal.

Brave Golu Das survives cobra bite after medical treatment.

To this, Mr. Borkataki stated that citizens often get manipulated because of certain bollywood films that were made which promoted unscientific practices. Tough it is recommended to tie a cloth near the wounded area, it should not be tied much tightly and its much necessary now to know the correct process.

The right way to tie a cloth in case of accidental snake bite.

Another similar case of snake bite was reported when a person named Mahendra Gogoi was bitten by a Monocled Cobra near his broiler farm at night on 01 August ’21. He too tried to use homely cure and decided to cut of his hand but Mr Sourav Borkotoki on receiving the information urged the patient to get admitted to Tezpur Mission Hospital. He was kept in ICU under survillance for two days and is now recovering.

Mahendra Gogoi survives cobra bite after 20 doses of anti-vevom vaccine.

Saurav Borkataki highly suggests to reach to the nearby hospital as soon as possible in case of such snake bites. Some unscientific homely cure may be dangerous and must be avoided, tight ropes should not be tied and one must always carry some torch or light while going out at night.

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