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Tezpur University organizes workshop on community biogas system in Jhawani Village.

Tezpur, March 18 : A workshop on community biogas system is organized in the Jhawani village of Bihaguri Development Block, (Sonitpur) on 16th March 2022 as a part of research and outreach activities of Tezpur University. The workshop is inaugurated by Shri Bhupesh Chandra Das, Deputy Commissioner of Sonitpur District. Prof. V K Jain, Vice-Chancellor, Tezpur University and Mrs Karabi Karan, the Chief Executive Officer, Sonitpur Zilla Parishad and several other dignitaries from Tezpur University, Bihaguri Block Development Office, Sonitpur District Office of Swaach Bharat Mission (Gramin) deliberated in the Workshop which was participated by prospective users of community scale biogas system.

Deputy Commissioner of Sonitpur, Shri Bhupesh Ch Das inaugurating the Workshop on Community Biogas System.

Shri Bhupesh Chandra Das expressed his happiness on the initiative of the Department of Energy, Tezpur University for bringing up community scale biogas facility at Jhawani village which has started functioning through participation of the villagers. The utilization of cow dung for production of biogas and enriched organic fertilizer will address several key issues concerning rural economy, environment and sustainable crop production – Shri Das expressed in his inaugural address.

Vice Chancellor of Tezpur University, Prof V.K Jain addresses the participants of the Community Biogas workshop at Jhawani Village

The much-needed developmental benefits of utilization of locally available surplus resources through the Biogas system could be obtained only by sincere participation of the rural community – Mrs Karabi Karan urged in her address on the occasion. While wishing success of this important workshop, Mrs Karan said that the event organized in the users’ location will empower the community with knowledge and understanding about operation and management of community biogas system.
Prof V K Jain elaborated Tezpur University’s mandate to reach to the communities and specially thanked the Jhawani village community for supporting the initiatives under RHEES (Rural Hybrid Energy Enterprise Systems) project operated by Department of Energy of Tezpur University.
Rural Hybrid Energy Enterprise Systems (RHEES) is a project supported by Department of Science and Technology, (SEED), Government of India under RCUK-DST BURD (Bridging Urban Rural Divide) partnership undertaken in the Jhawani Village – said by Professor DC Baruah, the organizer of the workshop. Prof Baruah desired that the workshop would increase awareness about the uses of renewable energy based on locally available biomasses and also empower the rural community to run a viable business model around the community biogas system. About 140 participants attended the day-long workshop where several practical aspects of operations of community scale biogas systems were deliberated.

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