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Tezpur : Electricity Theft detected during routine check by APDCL; FIR lodged against the consumer

Tezpur, June 15 : An Inspection for probable power theft was performed in the premises of a Paper Mill Company, (Connected Load – 636 kw) on 15.06.2021 by T&C, IRCA,Tezpur Electrical Sub-division 1, APDCL along with Chief Executive Officer, Tezpur.

During the inspection, they have detected a Foreign circuit connected to 7 core control cable of the metering circuit.The Foreign circuit was found concealed inside the GI pipe near to the meter. Immediately service of the consumer disconnected due to Tampering of metering circuit.

An FIR was lodged and bill value assessed was found to be Rs. 2.46 crore.

Minister of Power, Assam Govt. Bimal Borah wrote, “During a round of routine checking, the CEO of Tezpur EC detected a case of electricity theft by M/S Brahmaputra Paper Mill, by illegally connecting a foreign object to the 7-core control cable. A case has been lodged and bill value assessed was found to be ₹ 2.46 crore.”

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