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Tezpur : At TMCH Covid OT, ENT Specialists remove a stuck Metal Nut from 3 Yr old boy’s nose

Tezpur, June 14 : A 3 year old Biswajit Gowala was brought to Tezpur Medical College & Hospital with a case of Nasal Bleeding, who was also been detected with Covid-19.

DR. Izaz Alom Sheikh, PGT, ENT examined and admitted the patient immediately suspecting foreign body which was confirmed by Dr Samudra Bora, Assistant Professor, Radiology. The foriegn body – a metal nut (can be seen in the photo) was removed endospically under general anaesthesia in TMCH’s Covid OT by a dedicated team of ENT specialists – Dr. Rupanjita Sangma, Associate Professor, Dr. Geeta Timungpi, Registrar, Dr. Sonia Baral, PGT; and Anaesthetists – Dr. Karamchand Basumatary, Assistant Professor, Dr. Shashankar Das, PGT.

No immediate post operative complications were observed.


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