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Maha Bhagwat Gyan Mahayagya Unfolds in Newar Village, Khanamukh

Amidst the tranquil ambiance of Bhola Ghimire’s residence in Newar Village, Khanamukh, a profound spiritual event, the Maha Bhagwat Gyan Mahayagya, has commenced. Lasting for three consecutive days. As part of the Mahayagya, devotees, gracefully embarked on the sacred Jal Yatra. Carrying pitchers filled with the sacred waters of Jia Bharali river, they initiated this auspicious ceremony in accordance with religious tradition.

Maha Yagya Preparations

The auspicious ceremony, commencing with the carrying of water, is part of the religious program where the scripture Maha Bhagwat is recited by Acharya Pandit Sumon Krishna Shastri. The Mahayagya is a collective endeavor aimed at the spiritual upliftment of all members of the Ghimire family. Through prayers and offerings to the Almighty, the family seeks blessings for the departed and guidance for the living.

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The Ghimire family earnestly wishes for the presence of local residents and elderly mothers in the entire schedule of the Maha Bhagwat Gyan Mahayagya.


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