Wednesday, December 6, 2023

LinkedIn Local Guwahati all set to host its 4th Edition in Tezpur, registrations filling up soon

LinkedIn Local Guwahati is all set to organise the season 4 on 10th of April at Tezpur. This event is organised to boost face-to-face professional networking in the state of Assam and the surrounding states. The event intends to connect & foster connection amongst LinkedIn professionals of the entire North East India further rolling to Southeast Asia.

Co-host Rajshree Goswami added, “I have taken part in previous two events at Guwahati and it has really helped me to make a network which in return gave me benefits to develop my business and I am sure this will help the people of Tezpur as well, we are also happy that Tezpur Buzz and Tezpur Online has joined us to support the event.”

Subhankar Banerjee, Public Relations Partner of LinkedIn Local Guwahati said, ” My agency Seven Sense Communication has been associated with LinkedIn Local Guwahati since 2019, I am really excited that we have a new venue this year, and Tezpur will be witnessing the first ever corporate event in the city and that is really going to help people grow their business”.

Haven’t registered yet ?

It’s a professional face-to-face networking event beyond social media profiles. The mission is to strengthen the online professional community’s offline presence through meaningful interactions. It is a professional networking event free of any sales pitch and is aimed at fostering the connection offline. It is a global community by the users of LinkedIn, designed to take online relationships offline.

LinkedIn Local started as a grassroots movement, grew into a curated community and is now an open source community. LinkedIn Local events are organic meet ups that provide an opportunity to network, build community, share best practices, and discuss the latest industry trends.

Anyone with a LinkedIn profile and an interest in Networking can join the event. This event is especially meant for start-up enthusiasts, corporate, entrepreneurs, job-seekers.

This event had a turnout of approximately 150 peoples in the previous 3 seasons, Tickets are available in the official website

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