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Tezpur University clarifies on one – sided ‘Fee Hike’ news; has a reply for the protesters

In a latest, Tezpur University has issued a clarification and denied the information on alleged ‘Fee Hike of courses’ that recently did rounds on several National news outlets, state and local media.

Tezpur University admin in a press statement said,

“It has been observed that a news regarding Fee hike in Tezpur University has been published in a section of newspapers and the same is being circulated in social media platforms, which has drawn attention of the authorities of Tezpur University. It is felt that this one-sided news has misled the entire students’ community”

We would like to clarify that the University has not increased fees of any of the programmes for the current semester. Last semester, in view of the pandemic situation, the University had granted partial waiver of fees, as the students did not avail of some facilities, such as, library, medical, infrastructure and amenity, electricity & water Charges, laboratory etc. and accordingly they paid less amount of fees”

Now, the University has planned to bring back all the students at the earliest possible date and have restored the original fee structure for the current semester. In case, the University cannot bring the students on the campus due to deterioration of Covid-19 situation again, the University will sincerely consider refund or adjust the fees of those facilities not availed by the students appropriately”.


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