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Tezpur Academy alumni group opposes decision of TMB’s Parking lot within school’s playground premises

The alumni group of Tezpur Academy School is vehemently opposing the Tezpur Municipal Board’s plan to transform the school’s playground into a parking lot. The municipal board, in response to the increasing traffic issues, initially provided parking facilities in the Dhuba Pukhuripar area. However, it abruptly closed this space to construct a market complex, for the Chowk Bazaar vendors.
The Board, therefore, reportedly considered the space adjacent to school playground for a new parking area, prompting strong opposition from the passionate alumni group. They not only reminded the authorities of the school’s rich history but also expressed disappointment that the school administration allowed such an act.
The alumni group urged the authorities to consider alternative locations and refrain from altering the sanctity of the school premises. This matter was then taken to court. Chief Justice Lanusungkum Jamir and Justice Kaushik Goswami of the Guwahati High Court presided over the case on December 20, 2023.
Represented by Narayan Barman, Raju Baruah, Bhupen Bhuyan, and Tarek Akhtar Ansari, the former students stand as applicants, while eight government organizations form the opposing side. Advocate Imtiaz Hussain passionately argued against the construction of the parking lot, while Advocates S. Konwar and R. Mazumdar supported the government organizations.
Understanding the gravity of the situation, the court mandated that the applicants send notices via registered post with acknowledgment due within seven days. The recipients of these notices hold crucial positions: the Chairperson of the Tezpur Municipal Board and Tezpur Academy Principal.
All parties involved, both former students and government organizations, now face a countdown. The interim order, which was issued on May 23, 2023, restraining any actions or decisions based on it, will be subject to listing for further review four weeks later.

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