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Money Demanding Incident on the Highway: Two Accused Apprehended in Jamugurihat

In a dramatic turn of events, a goods truck driver faced a harrowing experience on the highway late at night in Jamugurihat. The incident unfolded when a truck, bearing the registration number AS12-B-0443, was transporting a load of soap from Tezpur to Lakhimpur. For some reason, the driver stepped out of the truck near the Chokighat Bridge on the four-lane highway. At that moment the two accused Asik Islam and Babul Ali seeing the opportunity approached the truck driver and started bullying him for money.

The driver in fear of his life sprinted away from the truck and he covered nearly 2 kilometers before spotting a newly established Police Guard Point. He immediately recounted the terrifying encounter to the present officers. The Jamuguri Police wasted no time. They swiftly retrieved the abandoned truck, parked ominously on the highway and the driver was safely escorted to the police station in security of the officers.

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On the same night, the police successfully apprehended the two suspects and have already made arrangements to send them to jail. Based on the reports, it is now known that both suspects reside in Gotaimari.


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