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Dibrugarh geared up for G20 Summit (RIIG Conference)

Dibrugarh, March 23 : The two-day G20 Research and Innovation Initiative Gathering (RIIG) Conference will begin in Dibrugarh, Assam today. It will deliberate on ways towards building a sustainable and circular bio-economy.

About 100 delegates from G20 members, guest countries and International organizations, along with invited participants from the scientific community will be present on the occasion.

The event will bring together key actors, including national authorities and experts from the G20 members responsible for planning, setting up new, and managing existing programmes on the subject.

The area of focus will include challenges and opportunities in agriculture, de-carbonization of the industry as well as bio-energy and bioresource management.

The conference will also deliberate on national and regional programmes and country experiences, regulatory environment and public/private sector collaboration, role of research, development and innovation in creating new, resource-efficient, sustainable and more circular bio-based technologies, products, services and cooperation between G20 members on specific thematic areas.

This event will further promote active engagement between all key stakeholders, including the 3Ps (people, policies and places), and lead towards an inclusive policy-making approach providing a conceptual framework to mainstream circular bio-economy models across different sectors.


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