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14 Cadets of 5 ASSAM Bn NCC to Shine at Republic Day Camp 2024

Tezpur, Assam: In a moment of pride for the 5 ASSAM Battalion National Cadet Corps (NCC), 14 talented cadets have successfully made it to the prestigious Annual Republic Day Camp 2024 being held in New Delhi. These cadets, part of the esteemed NCC North Eastern Directorate, will be representing their region in a contingent of 126 cadets.

Out of 14 cadets, 11 cadets who will showcase the rich cultural heritage of the state through various cultural events, while the remaining 3 cadets will demonstrate their exemplary drill skills.

The various colleges, from which these cadets belong, are beaming with pride as these young cadets gear up to leave their mark on the national platform. Their presence at the prestigious event speaks volumes about their talent, hard work, and the exceptional training provided by the 5 ASSAM Bn NCC.

The cadets, selected after rigorous training and evaluation, have displayed unwavering determination and enthusiasm. Their participation in the Republic Day Camp is an opportunity to showcase their skills, while simultaneously absorbing valuable experiences from fellow cadets across the country.

The selection of these cadets reflects their outstanding abilities and commitment. Their journey to the Republic Day Camp is not only an achievement for them individually but also for the Battallion and their respective institutes.

The cadets had undergone intensive training under the guidance of skilled NCC instructors and subject specialists, ensuring they are well-prepared to represent their state and region with excellence. Their training has encompassed various aspects, including physical fitness, drill routines, and honing their respective cultural talents.

The cultural team will present a spectacular display of Assamese dance forms, music, and traditional attire. Meanwhile, the drill team will showcase their synchronized movements and immaculate discipline.

The Republic Day Camp, an annual tradition celebrated nationwide, aims to foster unity, discipline, and a sense of national pride among the NCC cadets. The event includes various competitions, cultural performances, and the prestigious Prime Minister’s rally.

As the chosen 14 cadets from the 5 ASSAM Bn NCC gear up to leave their mark on this grand stage, they carry with them the hopes and aspirations of their districts, state and the entire North Eastern Directorate. Their participation serves as an inspiration for young aspiring cadets, encouraging them to work hard, dream big, and represent their regions with utmost devotion.

As the Republic Day approaches, the nation eagerly anticipates witnessing the exceptional talent and spirit these extraordinary cadets will bring to the grand Republic Day Camp in New Delhi.

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