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Mass awareness on anti-superstition, addiction held by Sonitpur SP and others

January 25, Tuesday: A mass awareness meeting was organized by Sonitpur Police at Dwaimalu centre, Ujani Rangagora village, PS Chariduar on various subjects focusing on anti superstition, liquor and drugs addiction, traffic awareness etc. on 24th January ’22.

Sonitpur SP, Dhananjay P. Ghanwat

The meeting was attended by noted social and human rights activist Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia, Dr Dhananjay Ghanwat, SP Sonitpur, CI Missamari, Insp Hemen Das, Dy Advisor of VDP Mr Nath, VDP secretary, Gaoburrah, Vice President ABSU and other respected citizen.

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Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia demonstrated magic like tricks to spread awareness against superstition. There was recently a case of diani attack on one elderly victim at this village and this meeting was an effort to educate the ignorant villagers against such social evils.

Awareness Camp


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