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7 must try items in The Chocolate Room Tezpur, you shouldn’t miss at all


7 must try items in The Chocolate Room Tezpur, you shouldn’t miss at all

The newly launched “The Chocolate Room Tezpur”, opp. Mahabhairab daily market, is a chocolate lover’s paradise. Walk through the café and the smell that wafts through will make you weak at the knees! This food heaven, with a live kitchen, have an amazing chocolate laden breakfast menu consisting of croissants, waffles and pancakes.

We have handpicked 7 best items at this space you can’t afford to miss at any cost.

1. Italian Hot Chocolate

Rich, creamy, thick hot chocolates at The Chocolate Room will make you say WOW! Their Italian hot chocolates are thick Milk chocolate made from only the finest quality Cocoa. The hot chocolates are served in various flavors, such as Classic, Hazelnut, Caramel, Dark, Lite, and more. These are served in cuddle cup or warming mug.

Price : Rs. 149 /-

2. Smoking Brownie

Whether we are having a bad day or simply craving for some sugar, brownies are the go-to chocolatey dessert that we all cling to. When here, sink your senses into the Smoking Brownie and you’ll transport yourself directly to heaven.

Price : Rs. 199 /- for two.

3. Chocolate Avalanche

After you try this one you would know why it is named after an Avalanche. Chocolate Avalanche is where different forms of chocolate are kept on one another, flavors of chocolate blasting inside your mouth giving your tongue all types of pleasure. Chocolate mousse, Chocolate brownie, pastry with Choco sauce and garnishing of a chocolate stick all in one would be pretty enough to satiate your chocolate fantasy for a long time.

Price : Rs. 249 /- for two.

4. Full Irish Breakfast

We love breakfasts, especially English breakfasts. There are just so many elements in it that one can never be bored. Try the Chocolate Room’s full Irish breakfast consisting of sausages, fluffy sunny side up eggs, grilled/fried tomatoes, nuggets, buttered toast and baked beans (phew!).

Price : Rs. 149/-

5. Belgium Chocolates

The Belgium Chocolates  at The Chocolate Room are totally worth the calorie gain. Each bite melts in your mouth even before you know it and the taste transforms your mood in seconds. This place definitely needs to be on your list for the best chocolate in Tezpur.

Price : Rs. 30 /- per piece

6. TCR Wrap

One delectable and filling snack that we like to have is a wrap. Since childhood, our moms have packed them in our lunchboxes at our school times, isn’t? If you are looking for an amazing wrap in Tezpur, try the TCR wrap at this space, which is loaded with various veggie fillings and thick dips and are extremely scrumptious.

Price : Rs. 199 /-

7. Monti’s Madagascar

To save you from the hassle of discovering where to get the most satisfying sundae in Tezpur, The Chocolate Room has bought ‘Monti’s Madagascar’ a bunch of flavors in the sundae bucket list. The flavours consist of Vanilla Ice-cream Chocolate Ice-cream, Oreo cookie crumble, Banana, whipped cream,caramel sauce, vanilla sponge,red velvet toppings and a lot more.

Price : Rs. 249 /- for two.

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