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Sonitpur : Team “Xarothi” conducts Flood Relief Drive; successfully executes their 1st ever project


Sonitpur : Team “Xarothi” conducts Flood Relief Drive; successfully executes their 1st ever project

Tezpur, August 1 : Needless to mention, Assam is battling the COVID-19 Pandemic and also dealing with the annual floods that has wreaked havoc. Atleast 107 people have lost their life this year due to Floods. According to Assam State Disaster Management Authority, over 16 lakh people are still affected as 21 out of 33 districts in Assam continue to be in grip of the deluge. In Sonitpur, several houses have been submerged and thousands hectares of cropland have been washed away.

In a bid to help the affected ones in the district, a newly formed organization under the name “Xarothi” responded to relief of atleast more than 80 families. The team’s tagline goes as ~ “Helping the community for better Unity”, and this Organization formed by students of Tezpur’s prestigious Darrang College proved the saying.

Team “Xarothi”

The team started a crowd funding campaign for Flood Relief, days prior to the execution date and received lots of love and contributions from the citizens of Tezpur and around. The team took to Sitalmari Chapori in Singri for the relief, which is approximately 10.3 kms from Dhekiajuli Town and 44 kms from Tezpur City.

The team managed to provide ~ Ration Kit (Rice, pulses, potatoes, onions, soya bean, oil, salt, biscuits and a bottle of water), Soaps, Mosquito Repellent, Bleaching powder, Surf, Sanitary pads, Face masks, Clothes, Chocolates and many more which benefited more than 80 Families of the village.

It may be mentioned this was their first successful project of donating relief kits to flood affected victims and they have taken a pledge to continue more in the near future with the love and support of the people.

Team Tezpur Buzz takes an opportunity to thank Xarothi for their commendable work and also appreciate for this noble job.

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