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Jharna Devi is an aspiring singer from Tezpur and has worked with reputed companies like ‘T-Series’


Jharna Devi is an aspiring singer from Tezpur and has worked with reputed companies like ‘T-Series’

Shine lady!

Jharna is not an ordinary 22 year old girl, her love for Assam is what she carries in her heart wherever she goes. Jharna chose singing as her profession while she was only 19 year old while pursuing her bachelors from the renowned Hindu College in Delhi. She has been a bright student both in her school days and her bachelors.

Her journey was never easy as carrying both studies and her profession required a lot of time. She started practising singing when she was in her bachelor’s. She was not trained in singing during her childhood but with her God gifted talent she outshined both in her singing with her mesmerising voice and her studies with brilliant grades.

Jharna completed her masters from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, in International Relations and Area Studies with first division and even topped in her batch in one of the exam in her finals.

Since Jharna is born to an Assamese family it was not a very easy task for her to sing in Punjabi, a language that she never spoke and which was not a common language heard in Assam. Her choice of singing has been amazing and has a good number of followers on her Instagram page ‘jharna_official’ and her own Youtube channel ‘Jharna Music’. Jharna sings not only in Punjabi but also Hindi and has worked with big music companies of the country like “Tseries”.

She is working on her upcoming project “Bagorumba” which is a fusion of Assamese word with international and folk music but written in Hindi. The song is something completely new for the people of Assam and she hopes that everybody will like it. Jharna is working in many of her projects and will be seen featured with big names of the industry nationally. She is in real words a rockstar born and brought up in Assam. She has promised to keep working for Assam and that we should all support this amazing talent from our land for her future projects.

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