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“The Nightmare” – Struggle with Life of a Tezpur Girl, Mahashweta Garg


“The Nightmare” – Struggle with Life of a Tezpur Girl, Mahashweta Garg

The Nightmare

Let’s not start with ‘once upon a time’. Well, that’s quite boring right? Haha! So, being the only child of my parents, I used to enjoy all their love,  care and support (support for good things though and not for the evils). As we all know, every person has a friend,  rather categorized as a good friend, a close friend and a best friend. But in my case, my parents are the complete package.

A small house and we three people in it. We were all very happy , cherishing those little moments of joy inspite of the hindrances that came in our way. Everything was going well until that happened…

It was June 18, my birthday and I maintained the tradition of distributing toffees to my mates in college. But none of us knew that a gigantic stumbling block was approaching me at such a quick pace.

Two days later, I started falling ill. ”It’s just viral fever”, said the doctor. But as the medicines weren’t working, my mom decided to take me to Gauhati. The very next day we three were on the way when I lost my consciousness.

When I opened my eyes , I felt as if I was paralyzed. The green curtains and the white-blue uniforms moving around scared me a bit. Then I saw my dad, standing beside my bed. Ah! I was relieved. I wanted to ask him, ”Where am I?” It is only then I realised that I had an oxygen mask and was unable to speak. I’d almost lost my voice. Mom came in and what I saw was tears; her eyes were filled with tears. Couldn’t figure out anything!

After a few days , I was shifted to some other room . There were so many doctors and visitors, but I was still unaware of all that happened.  Gradually,  I came to know that I have been there in the I.C.U. for ten days and it was on the sixth day, when I gained my consciousness. I suffered  from severe Typhoid, Bronchopneumonia and Sepsis. The doctors were not sure if I’ll survive or not. Those nineteen days in the hospital were not easy, but I felt that love and care of each and every individual who visited me there. The days were painful but hope never died in me. I also got to know that a post about me by Rupamjyoti Nath( I address him as ‘kokaideu’) went viral on Facebook and the people helped me a lot.

The pain of those injections,  salines, diapers and the wheel chair has taught me the most important lessons which education cannot.

Well, a heartiest gratitude to each and everyone who had prayed for me and had helped me financially. Moreover, the biggest thanks to my parents and my aunt( pehi), who were there with me day and night.

I’m still recovering but I have always loved challenges and hence, accepted the challenge to survive inspite of the harsh circumstances. I learned to walk again and most importantly,  the value of life. Every second of every day that we get to spend with the people we love is precious. Life is precious. Value it!

-Mahashweta Garg

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