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Tezpur Bikers’ Morning ride to Devi Singh Ghat turns into Cleanliness Drive


Tezpur Bikers’ Morning ride to Devi Singh Ghat turns into Cleanliness Drive

The Brahmaputra, known as the lifeline of the region, has been facing serious pollution concern. As the 3 major cities- Guwahati, Tezpur and Dibrugarh, through which the river passes, has faced a tremendous increase in population, it has also started to face an increase in water consumption and higher generation of waste. A lot of land on the river banks are being bought or encroached upon, sewage systems from these homes directly dumping their waste into the river, as well as people are seen disposing solid waste in the river. The river water quality has since deteriorated to a large extent.

Giving an eye to this serious issue, the members of the Tezpur Bikers, conducted a clealinesss programme at the Devising Ghat, Tezpur. The place is a famous picnic spot and as a result of such mass gathering of people, the banks of Devising Ghat is seen to be filled with plastic dumps and fillings. The initiative was under the active concern of Mr. Mithu Borah, when one morning he along with his team was devastated to see the degrading condition of the place, while having a morning ride.

Angshuman Goswami, the Founder of Tezpur Bikers stated, “Such cleanliness drives have become a paramount duty of ours, in order to save our Brahmaputra. We shall now try to conduct such programs periodically, along the banks of Brahmaputra, around the State.”

Along with the initiatives taken by the Government, the citizens of the region have an equally important part to play with reducing waste generation and saving the river water. The principal source of water in Assam should not be subjected to pollution and neglect because doing so will further push the already ailing Brahmaputra towards decay.

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