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“Rainbow Village Project” executed by Mosera Narrative at Kibithoo in Arunachal Pradesh


“Rainbow Village Project” executed by Mosera Narrative at Kibithoo in Arunachal Pradesh

By Dhritiman Hazarika & Neetu Kakoti

Rainbow Village Project completed yet another feat by revamping the Government Middle School Kibithoo, Arunachal Pradesh which is also the easternmost school of India. This came as an initiative to beautify the remote village of Kibithoo and adjoining villages around Walong. With the hope of spreading love and happiness through art, Team Rainbow Village Project is steadfastly working for the betterment of people in some of the remotest places of Northeast India.

Team RVP also convey its thankfulness to Mr. Lakhimso Bellai (who supervised the project) and to Mr.Deepak Rai, Headmaster I/C of Government Middle School Kibithoo for lending their untiring support and coordination.

Below are the people who had it in them, who have made it through a journey which was not just cumbersome but hard to believe for those who haven’t seen it.

Prashant Uchil (Mumbai), Amey Doley(Namsai), Kangam Perme(Pasighat), Kaso Perme ( Pasighat) , Sanjay Gupta (Naharlagun), Vhisimi Lingi (Roing), Llong Terrang (Karbi Angling), Rahul Saikia (Guwahati), Nobin (Guwahati), Nilesh Goswami (Guwahati), Max (Guwahati) and Dhritiman Hazarika ( Guwahati )

Rainbow Village Project aims to catalyze the development of places lying in the remote corners of Arunachal Pradesh by spreading awareness with the help of ART.

In this phase of the project, along with revamping the Government Middle School of Kibithoo, Team RVP (Rainbow Village Project) also carried a beautification drive in Govt. Secondary School, Wakro with the help and support of Sri Prince Dhawan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner (Lohit District), Sri Sunny K Singh, IAS, Assistant Commissioner (Lohit District) and Miss. Tonya Lollen of Smart Village Movement (SVM), Arunachal Pradesh.

A land is defined by Nature and its bounty. In order to celebrate Nature’s abundant bounty and spread the message of saying No to Animal Hunting, Team Mosera Narrative reached one such destination at Wakro in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. The project, a part of the Rainbow Village Project of the Organization is a creative campaign to showcase the richness of Nature and save and care for the animals to create a delicate balance between all living species.

Further with the help of District Administration (Lohit District), and in collaboration with Smart Village
Movement (SVM), we are aiming at expanding our efforts across many villages of Lohit district.

The whole story started when a group of young enthusiastic people made its way to the easternmost corner of India and made its humble attempt to beautify a small village at Dong valley which happens to receive the first rays of the sun on the Indian soil. This was the beginning which laid the groundwork for conceptualizing the idea behind Rainbow Village Project.

Our methodology involves revamping schools and village structures like (houses) with the help of ART, which we believe would help in:

  • Adding vibrancy to the natural beauty of the concerned place and enhancing its aesthetic beauty.
  • Adding an iota of X-factor for the little kids by coloring the schools with creative
    message-conveying art.
  • Bringing awareness of education, art and creativity amongst the people (especially children)

The project is currently focusing on drawing the attention of the Government towards the far flung places of Arunachal Pradesh by way of creatively revamping the village houses and schools as the first instance, and by installation of creative artwork in and around the areas, as the project progresses. It also aims to draw the attention of the government towards the asset of Schools. In Arunachal Pradesh, the education sector needs certain special interventions to improve the education scenario of the state.

About Mosera Narrative

When a group of young artistes came together to create and narrate tales of Art and Joy thus was formed Mosera Narrative.  Awareness through community-art projects, creative working at the grassroots level and promoting communities, places and boosting tourism are some of the major areas that the group intends to aim at. Spreading smiles and happiness through colors is what Mosera Narrative strives for.

With an objective of promoting Eco-Tourism, responsible travel and the essence of Incredible India, Mosera Narrative introduced the maiden “Rainbow Village Project” at Dong in Arunachal Pradesh in the year 2018. With an aim to promote the beauty of Art, the joy of colors and the innocence of Love, the project will also play a significant role in attracting media, tourists and Nature enthusiasts to visit this lovely virgin Valley of the East.

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