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Poor Rural Women from Tezpur gain Empowerment and turn entrepreneurs


Poor Rural Women from Tezpur gain Empowerment and turn entrepreneurs

Rural household women have plenty of leisure time during afternoon to practice some sort of revenue generation work. But it becomes important to select an enterprise, which does not require any major investment. A good example is cited by the women of Rubberbagan and Namgaon Tea estate of Sonitpur District in Tezpur where the entire team of six  women are successful entrepreneurs in vermiculture technology today.

All these women come from economically poor families and have to depend on their husbands’ and family earnings for all their day to day requirements. With irregular work and an uncertain income, the ladies were finding it quite hard to manage their families.

They were then introduced to the training program of Reducate skill lab under the initiation of  Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM) whose mission is to train the unemployed youths of the nation. This opportunity carried a drastic change to the women’s life where they were trained in the skill of Vermicompost for a time span of 2 months ,followed by establishing their own tanks at respective places which turned into a good source of income for them in the near future.

Accordingly 3 Self Help Group (SHG)of 6 members each was formed for the women   and a project on vermiculture was demonstrated.After acquiring all relevant information and gaining the knowledge they had started this venture on pilot basis to judge its feasibility and net return. They established this vermicompost unit in June 2019. They have built vermicompost bed of 10×3 feet width with 2.5 feet height in a sheded area which is open from all sides. Then filled it with 10 quintals of manure waste and added 8 kg of Eisenia foetida species of earthworm, which they  bought @ Rs. 200/kg from Reducate skill lab . About one kg of earthworms were applied for the size of one square meter of vermicompost bed. The beds were maintained at about 40-50% moisture content and a temperature of 20–300 C by sprinkling the water over the beds. They kept a thermometer in the bed to measure the temperature of vermicompost for regulating the temperature. They sprinkled water in 8 to 10 days for maintaining the moisture.

Thus,the outcome is expected to turn out by the end of 100 days where these women are supposed to earn their first income of approximately Rs.25000 as a result of their hardwork and valuable time. 

As a result those happy smile of these poor rural women was possible because of the free of cost training provided by  Reducate Skill lab under the trainership of Ms.Priomdip Saikia.

These women have informed that the training was very fruitful for them as it gave them a ray of hope to earn their livelihood.They are grateful towards the centre and the staff and wish every women of the district to come out and gain such knowledge.

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