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Meet Jeet from Tezpur, who has an aim to shatter the stigma around Menstruation


Meet Jeet from Tezpur, who has an aim to shatter the stigma around Menstruation

Despite the growing discussion on the topic, in many societies, talking about Menstruation still makes people turn silent. Combined with lack of education, proper infrastructure and all-round information about their own body’s development, the onset of menstruation is a traumatic experience for countless young girls and women, even today.

With an aim to shatter the stigma around this natural process and create an environment of awareness, Jeet Nath, a young lad from Tezpur, along with Manjistha Sharma from Guwahati, have come out to the streets, creating a platform for the youth change makers, through a movement called ‘THE RED MOVEMENT’. The movement calls for young volunteers, called ‘Period Ambassadors’, who shall be joining hands together to work upon sensitizing the issue.

Jeet is a passed out of Darrang College, Tezpur and is currently pursuing his Masters from Christ University, Bangalore, specializing in Clinical and Community Practice.

Under the movement, Jeet along with his team organized a sanitary pad donation drive on 2nd and 3rd May, 2019 at B.K Tower, Ganeshguri, Guwahati, where people donated sanitary napkins instead of monetary donation. These donated napkins will be later distributed to the educational institute in rural/semi-urban areas. The distribution session shall include displaying of various documentaries, posters on menstrual hygiene and discussion about the myths and facts, that have been prevailing since ages.

They also conducted their school sensitizing program at Bonda Anchalik High School at Narengi, Guwahati with the students of class 7,8,9,10. “We know there in many parts of India, whether its urban or rural, there is a problem of stigma, which was at times seen but is always kept as unseen because the generations has passed in maintaining such stereotypical believe about period which now should be talked about and questioned onto. When we talk about equaity and inclusiveness, why not in this issue too?”, said Jeet while in conversation with Tezpur Buzz

Jeet and Manjistha are also planning to open an N.G. O of their own named ‘The Mind body soul foundtion’ and ‘Connecting the Dots’ respectively, in order to keep this campaign more sustainable and approachable to strive true Gender equality and inclusiveness.
We extend all our wishes and love to these young people, who are being a voice to the society and striving to bring a better place for the women. Let’s spread the word- “Menstruation is natural and manageable.”

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