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Astonishing Arunachal | Travel Diaries | Blog by Himabrata Das


Astonishing Arunachal | Travel Diaries | Blog by Himabrata Das

Editor’s Pick | Travel Diaries #1
Blog By : Dr. Himabrata Das

I wake up to a bright sunshine on a lovely Wednesday morning in Naharlagun, a prominent town in Arunachal Pradesh, the largest of the seven sisters of Northeast India. The literal meaning of Arunachal in sanskrit adorns the state with the sobriquet “Land of the dawn-lit mountains”.

As I sip my morning tea, I have a funny feeling. I might be in for a breath taking experience as I travel back to Tezpur.

Maneouvering the snarling traffic of the bustling metropolis gives me much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle. Little did I surmise that a visual treat awaited me as I approached NH 415. River valleys dissect the precipitous terrain as my journey unfolds. On the horizon an abundance of forest cover that feeds the rivers makes for a captivating view. On both sides of the winding highway, hundreds of little flowers with their vibrant hues of yellow embraced the lap of the great mountains. Nature puts all the colours on its palette on to the grand canvas as I witness with bewilderment.

Three hours later I find myself on the plains of Gohpur, the colourful memories of my sojourn still vivid and fragrant.

I have been a devout admirer of Hotel Baidew for quite some time now. After a
long day on the road I decided to pamper myself with a sumptuous lunch. I started of with the traditional Assamese thali comprising of rice, urad dal, bengana bhaji, aloo bhaji, different types of shaak pacholi and last but not the least the assamese speciality khar. I followed it up by gobbling up their signature Assamese style local chicken curry. I felt amazing as I was about to enter my destination Tezpur. The answers to all our mundane troubles perhaps lies in connecting with the joys of Nature. As the sun sets on a memorable day, I am truly convinced.

Life is made up of moments like this.


Himabrata Das is the Registrar of Tezpur Medical College and Hospital and he can be reached at [email protected]

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